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The Brief was prepared to support the development of the Irrigation Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.

It addresses the governance structure around irrigation and water management in the country, and provides a detailed analysis of the national and international policy framework concerning: (i) water use and management such as catchment management plans and the objectives of the European Union Water Framework Directive; and (ii) climate change adaptation needs and strategies reported in the National Adaptation Plan and the Nationally Determined Contributions. 

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Section 2 looks at institutional responsibilities, in particular the line of command; Section 3 summarises the legal framework; Section 4 addresses the topic of climate change; Section 5 explains the concept of integrated water resources management and how it is applied; Section 6 discusses the Management of irrigation and drainage and the five main forms currently found in Serbia; Section 7 concludes by identifying five Key issues that should be discussed by the Working Group.

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