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Water Availability & Irrigation Water Requirements

The Brief was prepared to support the development of the Irrigation Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.

It addresses the availability, distribution and accessibility of water resources in the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Serbia is not classified as a country with lack of water resources, but on the other hand there is a problem of unfavourable temporal and spatial distribution of available water. Aim of this brief is to determine prospects of irrigation development in Serbia in terms of natural water related factors, namely Irrigation water requirements (IWR) and Irrigation water availability (IWA). Using locally available data, detailed water balance calculations, which include spatial and temporal distribution of IWR and IWA for all major catchments in the Republic of Serbia that contain potential areas for irrigation, are made.

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Section 2 of this Brief deals with irrigation water requirements (IWR) and Section 3 is dedicated to estimation of available water for irrigation (IWA), which could be withdrawn directly from rivers, groundwater, and single or multipurpose reservoirs.

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